The Best Zombie Movie Ever: But It’s Not About Zombie, It’s About Human Nature



Asian movies are seldom nominated for Oscars. Yet, there are a lot of hidden gems.

One of them in recent months is a Korean zombie thriller called Train to Busan. So far it has grossed $87.5 million worldwide and has set multiple records in different places in Asia like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

What made it an unstoppable force? Unlike ordinary zombie movies, this one is not about zombie actually. It’s about human nature.

It triggers a lot of questions that you normally won’t ask yourself: What would you do when you’re in danger? Who would you take care first? Your loved one? Yourself? Or a stranger? What if you can only choose one person to save?

And all the answers of these questions would reflect a lot, about the person, and also the society. When it really happens, you might just become so shocked by your own immediate reaction. After all we only know one’s true colors when disasters come.

Needless to doubt, this movie is great for its intense plot and overwhelming emotions . But if you just look for something entertaining, this film might over-deliver.

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