How Kids React When Being Shown Past And Current Pictures Of Caitlyn Jenner Will Awe You



When Bruce Jenner officially announced his transition to a woman the reactions were mixed. Ordinary people and celebrities busily expressed their opinions on social media.

Being in the public eye is not a new thing for Jenner since during her athletic career she earned a gold medal in the Olympics, but this transition has been difficult as it was a huge change and there were a lot of mixed opinions. Some supported her decision as brave, while others strongly opposed the idea of Kim Kardashian’s stepfather changing his gender. In November 2015 she was awarded The Woman of The Year by Glamour Magazine. It stirred up a lot of controversies as not everyone supported the idea of giving a transgender this award. Because of the controversy Glamour Magazine finally stripped her of the award and gave it to someone else.

Even kids have their own reactions and we can learn from what they voice. First, the filmmakers showed the kids a picture of Jenner taken during the Olympics in 1976. The children described him as a strong, muscular sportsman. Then, there was the second one. It was Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover after the transition. Kids described the photo as a woman with self-confidence who looked happy and calm. After that, the kids were told that they are the same person. The reactions of the kids were excellent. They seemed more open and accepting than many adults.

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